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Namakwaland is known for the abundance of flowers in the early spring:  Normally during August and September.   I can help you plan a lovely sigthsee-tour.  As I know the area I can show you the road less traveled and reveal the secret places. If you drive a 4x4 or vehicle with high road clearance , you can even see more places.   And there are guides available.

Various types of accomodation available:  Bed and breakfast and supper,   B&B, Self catering, Luxury  Lodge in town, self catering farmhouses, different places to camp ( 2x caravan parks in town and  bushcamp)  and even catered farm houses.   Prices range from R400 per person  per night. 

Came and experience the flowers, mountains and starry nights  and of course Namakwaland hospitality.


Adventure holiday in Namakwaland.

In Namakwaland you are near to the nature. Therefore you can enjoy nature while hiking,  driving by car and 4x4,  by bike and quad or motorbike.   There are a lot of  dubbletrack and singletrack routes to experience nature by bike, motorbike and 4x4. For the hikers there are a lot of routes.  We can even include a donkeycart ride in your ittenary. I can arrange a 5 day adventure route to fit your needs.

Kamieskroon is surrounded by the Kamiesberg.  There is a wide range of gravel public roads, al accesable by sedan car.  Visit the local villages to experience the vibe of Namakwaland.

Contac  Theunis ( 083 410 5544  t@lantic.net ) for more info.

For more info and pictures go to the Photo Gallery.

Avontuurvakansie in Namakwaland.

Namakwaland is die ideale plek om te naby die natuur te wees.  Kom met jou stapskoenne, bergfiets, 4x4, vierwieler of motorfiets  en verken die natuur.  Ons kan vir jou ‘n paar roetes en aktiwiteite beplan om jou sak en smaak te pas. 

In die omgewing is daar baie tweespoor- en  enkelspoor paaie waar jy naby die natuur kan leef. Jy kan jou 4x4 vernuf opskerp.  Jy kan jou bergfiets vat en ry waar niemand jou sal steur nie.   Op verskeie plekke  is jou liggie die enigste wat jy sal sien.   As jy jou avontuurvakansie reel in die blomme   seisoen dan sien jy nog meer.

 Kontak   Theunis ( 083 410 5544  t@lantic.net ).  Ek sal vir jou roetes, akkomodasie en etes kan verskaf terwyl jy vry is om die natuur in te drink.

Gaan na die fotogallery  vir mooi fotos.

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